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Rock Your Parents

posted Nov 8, 2018, 10:00 AM by Tonya Stancil   [ updated Nov 8, 2018, 10:01 AM ]
Welcome Parents
Back in September, JMB participated in a Rock Your School day.  This day was a global event created to have an intentional day to make learning fun with rigorous content and high expectations.  You may have seen our broadcasts of the day on social media.  Many parents commented on how engaging the lessons were and also                                                          how much school has changed since they were in elementary school.

                                                  Therefore, we took those comments and decided to create a day just for YOU--Rock Your Parents Day!  We are                                                       inviting you to come to James M. Brown Elementary for the day (or any portion of the day) and be a student                                                          again.  You will get to see how classroom instruction has changed since we were in school, what our expectations                                                   are in the classroom, and even ideas you can take away and do at home.  Our leadership team will also host a                                                          brief session for parents during your child's specials time to present an overview of Class Dojo, houses,                                                                   SchoolPay, Canvas, and so much more.  These are topics that we utilize here at school on a daily basis, and they                                                      can help you as well.

                                                  We will host Rock Your Parents day by grade levels during American Education Week.  Again, we invite you for                                                      the whole day, but you can attend any portion of the day as well.  Simply check in the front office upon arrival to                                                   sign in and then head to class.

                                                  Tuesday, November 13--3rd Grade
                                                  Wednesday, November 14--1st Grade
                                                  Thursday, November 15--2nd Grade
                                                  Friday, November 16--Kindergarten
                                                  Monday, November 19--PreK and 4th Grade
                                                  Tuesday, November 20--5th Grade

                                                  Unfortunately, siblings or other children would not be able to attend as we want the learning environment to be                                                   as a true school day for you and our students.

                                                  A letter of interest was sent home earlier.  If you are interested please return the bottom portion of the letter.