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Mr. James M. Brown, Superintendent of Education for the School District of Oconee County from 1988 to 1994, was noted for his teaching, counseling, and administrative skills. During his professional career, numerous service and educational organizations honored him. To pay tribute to his wonderful legacy as well as his many invaluable contributions, the School District of Oconee County selected the name, James M. Brown Elementary School, for a new school that opened in August 1997 and housed pre-kindergarten through grade five.

In all of his endeavors, he was admired for his integrity, dignity, wisdom, kindness, and compassion. He was held in high regard for his commitment to tasks, his acceptance of responsibility, and his respect for others. His family, colleagues, and friends remember him as a giant of honorable stature.

Written by: Mr. John Kelley, March 11, 2006